How KeeperCommish League Manager Works:

Step 1 (Commissioner Only): 
The league manager or commissioner sets up the league by filling out an online form with all the league specific information needed to host the process and conduct the analytics, including: 

  • * League submission deadline (date and time)
  • * What to do if a team hasn’t submitted their keepers by the deadline
  • * League salary cap (if any)
  • * Salary and contract/draft pick tracking (if any)
  • * Set a minimum or maximum number of keepers per team (if any)
  • * The number of teams in the league
  • * Each team owner's name and email address (to email passwords and send reminders)


Step 2 (All Teams): 
Once league setup is complete KeeperCommish sends each team in the league a unique team password and link to login to a private team page.  From the team pages each team owner can create a list of the players they want to keep going into the next season and either save it for further consideration or submit it as their final list of keepers to be held by the system until the time of release. Each team in the league will receive an email as soon as the final results are available. Some teams may also receive deadline warning emails if their commissioner elected to send them out.


Step 3 (All Teams): 
Once the results are released the system publishes different lists for free:


* Keepers by team

* Keepers by position

* Keepers by round taken or contract type, if applicable

* Keepers by salary remaining, if applicable


Step 4 (Optional):
Each team has the option to purchase three custom league reports designed to reduce draft preparation time and provide a basis for forming draft-day strategy. A keeper league draft kit. KeeperCommish subscribers gain an edge by having instant access to:


* A sortable list of the best remaining players.

* A league ranking and graphic analysis of each team's position strengths.

* A custom cheatsheet with kept players already crossed out.